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Western values of freedom


The values of Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood made their breakthrough in 1789. New Center Left wants to upgrade these ideals to fit into the 21st century! In Denmark and the rest of Western Europe, the Enlightenment and the subsequent secularization have led us to the present state of our civilization, where we have a high degree of trust, high standard of living, security, equality, freedom of speech, freedom of thought and free sexuality. But we must unfortunately note that these values can only exist in secular societies where religion is barred from dominating social life, especially if the religion is dominated by dogmatic and cultural tribal behavior and thinking. NCV is pleased that the President of France now finally seems to understand the seriousness of the situation and is taking a stand against the Islamization of French society, although of course on a tragic background.


Identity politics

NCV wants to take a stand against excessive identity politics, which often leads to cultural self-hatred. Unfortunately, this nonsense thrives in several places on the established left. Ideal notions that all cultures are equally good, and therefore must be able to cross borders freely, threaten to break down the peaceful societies we have built in Europe. A society with declining cohesion cannot maintain a solidary welfare state at the level we know and appreciate.


The future of our free secular society stands and falls with assimilation. At NCV, we are well aware that we are facing a kind of paradox. How can one be a banner bearer for freedom when at the same time we want to curtail the freedom of those who do not want to assimilate? Paradoxes like this are a natural part of a civilized society, as it is necessary to curtail the part of freedom that goes beyond others.


In the United States, which is the mecca of freedom for the self-focused individual and where the role of the state in daily life is minimal, there is great segregation between different ethnic groups and social classes. In addition, there is a significant spread of Christian fundamentalism. The state interferes very little in these matters, and whether there is a Democratic or a Republican president, the state's obligation basically goes no further than keeping vulnerable groups alive at an absolute subsistence level, and offering children an elementary school course.


In Denmark, we have a completely different solidarity approach, where we take far greater responsibility for each other. Vulnerable groups get the costs covered for all basic needs, and just as importantly, we pave the way for the social ascent through free education and obligatory state scholarship all the way up to university level. Danish society is in fact one of the few countries in the world that has succeeded in realizing the ideal for man: to give according to ability and to enjoy according to need. These two components are the backbone that makes the Danish welfare society function so well.

But the Danish welfare society stands and falls with whether the population shares values and norms and adopts the slogan "Give according to ability". In the modern technological society we have developed, this means in practice both a willingness to qualify and seek employment, regardless of whether the work is in line with cultural norms from other societies.

NCV believes that it is a perfectly reasonable demand that people who come to the country to live here should assimilate to our free and productive lifestyle. People who seek refuge in religions or countercultures that are hostile to our society inevitably become an economic deadweight and extra security risk that society must bear.


It is entirely on purpose that NCV uses the word assimilation and not integration. Most politicians talk without obligation about "better integration" without becoming concrete. In this way, they have stalled the public with empty words, while the problems have increased in strength. At NCV, we consider integration, ie learning Danish and having a job, as completely insufficient to become part of our solidarity-based society. "Integration" leaves too much room for indoctrination and physical social control, which especially affects women and children. Religious indoctrination naturally imposes on the child a mental prison, which can subsequently be difficult to break out of, because indoctrination always has a faithful companion, namely the threat of social exclusion. Religious beliefs that have not been created through a natural process of cognition often make the believer without humor, bitter or angry when the religion in question is criticized - even when it is well deserved.

The Danish Dictionary defines assimilation as follows: Adaptation to or inclusion in something already existing, especially about a minority group's adaptation to the surrounding society.

The multiethnic society is not up for discussion. But it is an expression of excessive tolerance to accept the intolerance that lurks under the multicultural etiquette. NCV therefore wants migrants and ethnic groups, regardless of age, gender and race, to appreciate and adapt to Danish culture, norms, attitudes and behavior. Otherwise, in NCV's eyes, there is no evidence that they choose to come to Denmark. As there is already considerable diversity in the Danish population, it is pointless to demand 100% assimilation, but NCV would like to state clearly on these points:

  • The secularized society stands unconditionally over religious and foreign cultural dogmas because religious dogma and indoctrination support the development of parallel societies.

  • Symbols or behavior in the public sphere or in the workplace that express the religious affiliation are more important than belonging to the secular society and Western values of freedom must be rejected. Thus, NCV supports, for example, the ban on masking, as masking is in its essence a destructive barrier in relation to positive social behavior in public space.

  • Traditions, holidays, eating / drinking habits, and clothing are basically free, but if children are taken as hostages in their parents' religious identity struggle, we are ready to intervene. NCV thus works to ensure that children and young people are free from religious coercion. Children and young people must not be forced into circumcision, fasting, re-education, sexist behavior, headgear or overalls that have religion as a cause.

  • Children and young people must be able to go to school in Denmark as free children, without having to be stigmatized by their parents' religious dogma. Religious dogma belongs in the Middle Ages and not in Denmark.

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Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
and though they are with you yet they belong not to you.
You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.
Kahlil Gibran
from The Prophet

Reorganization of the basis for religious practice in Denmark

New Center Left will not accept that dogmatic religions and reactionary cultures that have not kept pace with the development of Western civilization should be able to undermine our welfare model of society. Therefore, we want to rehabilitate the basis for religious practice in Denmark.


Religion can contribute with a spiritual dimension to life or provide a structure in life that some people value or need. Conversely, we also see how certain denominations hide under the "multicultural banner", but in reality they are cynical monocultures that will oppress others if given the opportunity. To put into perspective what is going on, we have divided the religious activity in Denmark into three main groups, and how we believe the future should look like for them.


The recognized denominations

  • promotes universal charity or a deeper level of consciousness

  • practice equality between man and woman

  • performs worship services / religious ceremonies in a Nordic language or, if necessary, in a European language

  • does not run counter democracy, gender equality, rule of law or scientific principles, 

  • recognizes that ancient sacred texts are for inspiration only

  • do not indoctrinate their children

The state should only support religious communities that live up to the above, through various schemes that already exist. New denominations which meet the above criteria can apply for support.

The tolerated denominations

  • exercise selective charity only for their own fellow believers

  • reaches in violation of gender equality, democracy, the rule of law or scientific principles

  • inhibits assimilation and promotes segregation

  • will not accept the perishability of their ancient sacred texts, and are therefore in their essence the epitome of stagnation


The existing support schemes must be reorganized, so that the tolerated religious communities are in no way supported by any form of public funds. Whether the concern is about places of worship, schools or leisure activities. There must be strict control over foreign financing. So that outside financial support can not take place within this group of denominations.


The unwanted denominations

  • have totalitarian traits in their ideology, hateful messages and they are politicizing in their rhetoric and basis

  • harassing people who have resigned, or wishes to resign, from the faith

  • the inequality between women and men is obviously exposed

  • preaches in violation of democratic, gender equality, the rule of law and scientific principles;

  • believe they have a moral right to kill apostates and homosexuals

  • they do not want to condemn and explicitly distance themselves from terrorist attacks committed by their fellow believers in the name of Islam


Danish legislation must be arranged so that we can shut down the unwanted religious communities and where it is possible to eject their followers out of the country. International conventions and agreements that act as Trojan horses for the unwanted denominations must be terminated if necessary.


The tolerated and unwanted denominations are kept artificially alive by indoctrination and social control. It is simply the fewest people who have the psyche to break out of accomplished indoctrination when social control is maintained. The Great Dane Encyclopedia defines indoctrination as follows: Indoctrination, performing other people's certain opinions and attitudes. The term includes not only the content of the application, eg and political or a religious message, but also and perhaps especially the methods, eg persuasion, suggestions and peer pressure, which are used for this purpose, and are characterized by no appeal to personal judgment or independent thinking, just as a factual discussion of the content is avoided. Contributing to indoctrination are also matters of essential information and the opportunity for personal decision-making.

Special measures in the school area

NCV is quite aware that all students should feel welcome in school, regardless of ethnic origin or religious origin. In practice, this means that in order to maintain a constructive relationship, the teacher must have an appreciative approach to the individual student. That said, it is NCV's clear goal that schools and teachers should be required to have at least the same critical approach to foreign cultures that we have to our own.


Private schools

The New Center Left wants to shut down all state support for private schools, where the value base rests on a religious basis such as the Old Testament, the Koran or similar. These so-called holy scriptures accept slavery and other horrible things, which are hopelessly out of tune with our civilization. For private schools, it applies to:

  • all support and donations must be approved by the local municipal school committee.

  • support originating from non-democratic countries or coming from foreign religious organizations is prohibited.

  • to be a member of the private school's initiative circle (the board), you must have EU citizenship, and have no affiliation with a religious organization outside the EU.

  • teaching must never be on basis of religious indoctrination.

  • the employed teachers must be Danish-educated or merit-approved primary school teachers and educators.

  • all basic teaching takes place in a Nordic language or, if necessary, in a European language such as German or English.

  • schools should be regularly monitored and if they do not comply with the law, they are closed down.

Social Studies and History

It must be made compulsory to teach in the crisis concerning the Muhammad cartoons in social studies. The pupils in primary school must be taught "family knowledge", so that they partly gain knowledge of their own rights, partly a higher self-awareness, and thus do not themselves continue bad upbringing methods.

History teaching must maintain focus on: the Holocaust, the slave trade and the harmful effects of European colonization. But the history curriculum must in future also include: the Armenian genocide and a description of Islamic colonization and the slave trade.


Christianity (Religion)

The Christian subject is to be renamed to Religion, and must be made compulsory in all schools. The syllabus and the teaching must be revised as follows: revealing of the need for faith and the nature of the mind, as well as criticism of religion must be upgraded. Thus, all schools must during 1st-9th grade have incorporated religious criticism, focusing on “tolerated and unwanted denominations” (see above), corresponding to a minimum of 20 lessons. Likewise, students must be taught the "Stockholm Syndrome" (, which illustrates how the mind can be "colonized", if one is exposed to indoctrination or external threats.
The aim of religious education must be that children can choose or un-choose religion on an informed basis.


Further education of teachers

In connection with the changes in the subjects, funds must be set aside for further education of the teaching staff at both primary and secondary school level. Likewise, a consultancy service must be set up to assist teachers. New competent teaching material must be developed. Possibly the state must step in and produce the necessary teaching material itself.

Schools must pay special attention to mysterious absences in connection with the teaching of the above issues, and must develop appropriate policies to address the problem. Parents who prevent their children from receiving instruction in religious criticism or the darker sides of their own culture are guilty of neglect. The reason why the New Center Left is working in such detail in this case is because we are among the few who actually understand what we are up against.

Civil society and the teachers in the country's schools will bear a great responsibility in the assimilation process that is necessary if Denmark is to remain an oasis in freedom.

Concrete bills of law

NCV has prepared a catalog of suggestions for negotiation with the other parties in the Parliament. We have focused on societal enlightenment, discrimination, women's liberation, children's rights and the protection of our free society.


Assimilation-promoting measures

  • Refugees and immigrants who come from non-western countries must attend an adult course in: Western values of freedom, the rule of law, gender equality, modern child upbringing with safe clear boundaries and respect for other children, etc. Funds must be set aside to support fellowship groups, e.g. groups of women who can follow up on the benchmarks that these courses deviate from.

  • Rights and duties must be clear to newcomers, including that we as a society expect active cooperation with the authorities in the event of violations, assaults and crime in the local area.

  • Imanes who wish to perform worship services / religious ceremonies must 1) have obtained Danish continuing education with a focus on religious understanding, scientific theory, epistemology and democratic, gender equality, rule of law and scientific basic conditions in Denmark. 2) have passed the Danish language test. 3) perform the service / religious ceremony in a Nordic language or, if necessary, in a European language. Mosques that defy these demands of their imam are sentenced to fines and if repeated face a closure.


Defense of women and children's freedom

  • Ensuring adequate capacity in shelters and safehouses.

  • Boarding school stays can come into play for young people who have become trapped with excessive social control in the family.

  • Investigation of and implementation of what it takes to secure women's rights in marriages of violence.

  • Prohibition against circumcision of children with associated accompanying legislation, which prohibit any approach to a "black market" or strategic foreign travel. Adults are free to be circumcised.

  • Prohibition of fundamentalist religious indoctrination of children. If you have been convicted of this offense, the option to obtain Danish citizenship is lost. The punishment for sending children to cultural and religious "re-education" must be increased.

National and European self-defense

  • General halt to migration from Turkey, Pakistan, Somalia, the Middle East and North Africa. A country like Turkey, with whom we share defense-alliance, is out in the open trying to undermine our society.

  • Stopping migration is a far-reaching initiative, so in connection with this, a committee must be established in the Parliament, where the votes are weighted according to the latest election result. This committee must be empowered to grant exemptions so that we can make refuge for those who may have a good cause.

  • Repatriation of migrants without citizenship who do not want to assimilate - no option for regret. The authorities must continuously evaluate the scheme and alert if there are signs that the scheme is being abused. Cooperation must be established in the EU to put greater pressure on countries that do not want to take back their own citizens.

  • Expulsion of criminal migrants without citizenship by sentences of 30 days imprisonment or more. Of course, harsh punishments do not have to stand alone, which is why crime prevention must still be pursued. In this connection, there must be an ongoing brutally honest evaluation of what actually works, and the effort must subsequently be arranged accordingly.


The Constitution

NCV wants to enter into dialogue with other parties, which also recognize the needs for the Constitution to be updated to the 21st century. When the Constitution was created in 1849, it was of course important to include Jews and Catholics and the like. But the paragraphs were carelessly worded so openly that they actually keep the door open for religious communities that want to combat freedom in Denmark. We do not believe that a review can wait long. Already now we see signs of division in the population, which may make changes impossible in future.


Green Transition


Global Relations