Global Relations

The New Center Left wants Denmark and Europe to play a role as a catalyst for peace, freedom, fair trade and a sustainable environment. We also want to emerge as countries with integrity that dare to criticize gross violations of human life in other countries, and provide protection to the champions of democracy.

Multinational Companies

In the New Center Left, we believe it is important to establish far-reaching cooperation on state level in order to implement fair taxation of multinational companies. This goal will always be natural to pursue as a left-wing party, but in fact the fight against tax evasion has sympathy far into the liberal and conservative electorate. In reality, international tax evasion is a kind of modern piracy, where the proceeds are brought to safety in tax havens. Military intervention and international blockades could quickly put an end to this evil, but of course it will not happen until there is massive popular pressure in the United States and the European Union at the same time. In fact, the United States will be ready for such a coalition at the earliest after the next presidential election in 2024. "The Big Club" unfortunately sits heavily on American society. Here it is articulated by the stand-up comedian George Carlin:
In order to get the awareness process started in Denmark, we in the New Center Left propose that public procurement in Denmark in future should bypass multinational companies that do not pay tax in Denmark. Should there be an EU law that prohibits it, we may have to trangress anyway, as the long-term goal is to mobilize the peoples of Europe so that the system can be established throughout the EU.

Glass-Steagall as protection against financial crises

The New Center Left has many ideological features in common with the progressive American Democrat Tulsi Gabbard, who fights for the interests of the people and who dares to go against the interests of big business. A mean to get the speculation sector under control is to reintroduce Glass-Steagall, which in short is a division of the banking sector. Speculative investments must be separated from the physical economy where the productive jobs are located. Should an economic crisis arise, states can focus on aid to the physical economy, and not use taxpayer money to save speculators. New Center Left will work to promote Glass-Steagall in Denmark and the EU.

The European Union

The EU has, for better or worse, shaped developments in Europe. The facilitation of the internal market has been of great benefit to European business and peace in Europe. Likewise, the EU is currently a strong platform if Europeans are to take serious initiatives in the field of climate and the environment. New Center-Left wants, if the voters make it possible, to run for the European Parliament in 2024. Below you can see what we want to put on the agenda.

The New Center-Left is very concerned about the defeatist and naive way in which the EU has dealt with migration problems. Italy and Greece in particular have been left in the lurch with a wave of migration that should have been slowed down much earlier. The determination exercised by the EU leadership in the trade boycott of Russia must likewise be used against Turkey and the North African countries. We now face huge costs for the passive support of migrants and a growing security problem in European countries. In future, the EU must be prepared to use economic and, if necessary, military force against countries that allow the smuggling industry to operate to the detriment of EU countries.

New Center Left would like the political elite to take a long break from the ideological centralization process, for which there is really no support among the peoples of the EU. On the other hand, the European Union must address the major unresolved issues that we are facing right now. The following points show how great a potential the EU could have with a new strong leadership:

  • Combating tax evasion with a special focus on multinational companies and tax havens.

  • Launch tariff walls against those countries that do not deliver on the Paris Agreement.

  • Common investment in innovation to solve the climate change problem. Especially the almost done 4th generation nuclear power plants looks very prosperous to solve energy problems in the large regions with unreliable wind and sun.

  • Repatriation of rejected asylum seekers. Sanctions must be imposed on countries that do not want to take back their own citizens.

  • Defend European interests against Chinese expansion.



At New Center Left, we believe that we are best placed in security policy by maintaining our NATO membership. Individual countries can simply spend less money on the military when they have stable military cooperation with other like-minded countries. On that occasion, we need to consider whether we still have enough overlapping interests with Turkey to be in a defense alliance with them. Today, the contingent is 2% of the member states' GDP, but many countries do not live up to this agreement and it has given rise to frictions within the alliance.


We believe it is fair that Europe takes more responsibility for its own defense by living up to agreements reached. The United States is by far the largest contributor to the Alliance and is entitled to recognition for this. But New Center Left does not want Denmark to take part in more hopeless regime-change wars in the Islamic world. The reality is that countries where well over half of the population pays homage to religious laws (Sharia) over secular rights, will not be able to achieve freedom and democracy in the Western sense. The democratization of Afghanistan has been a lost cause from day one. Islamic colonization is simply too deeply rooted, documented in this survey from the Pew Institute:

New Center Left wants NATO to embark on a more fruitful dialogue with Russia. We have a reasonable cultural community with Russia, which should mean that we can keep peace with each other. We believe that European leaders have all too easily been lured into a geopolitical war rhetoric that is counterproductive to Europe's and Russia's deeper interest in peace and trade.

The money to be invested in the future must be spent on what is the biggest threat to our population, and not on what arms factories want to sell. Yes sorry, but this mindset is not a given because the arms industry has infiltrated parts of the media world and political life. Modern society is vulnerable to drone strikes and terror because we have enemies among us. This threat, New Center Left believes, should be given higher priority in defense spending.

The United Nations              

As a starting point, we at New Center Left are positive about the idea of the United Nations. There are still respectable forums and initiatives under the auspices of the UN. But recent years have also shown that the UN in several areas has become a political theater, infiltrated by corruption and Islamic interests

New Center Left wants Denmark to withdraw from the UN Migration Pact, which i.a. urges our government and state-sponsored media to propagate multiculturalism and migration rights. The agreement is not legally binding. But all too often we have seen how vanity makes established politicians weak when globalist media and NGOs put in the criticism. The inconvenient truth about European mainstream politicians is that they are happily lured into geopolitical conflicts like Iraq, Afghanistan and Ukraine. But they dare not take conflicts for the Europeans' very own interests, even with something as simple as defending their own territory. In the case of the UN Migration Pact, it is almost a mockery of oneself if one thinks that migration problems in Europe can be alleviated by giving non-Europeans even more rights, which NGOs then can defend zealously.


New Center Left believes that WTO trade agreements need to be renegotiated. China, rooted in an all-too-favorable "developing country agreement", has "cannibalized" Western jobs. Likewise, China is well on its way to tie up African countries with debt traps to catch their resources. If the West does not react resolutely now, we will become too dependent on a capricious and unscrupulous dictatorship. Genuine developing countries with a weaker bargaining position must on the other hand have the opportunity for more favorable trade agreements.

Developing Countries Policy

The New Center Left acknowledges the co-responsibility that the developed countries have for giving former colonial countries a chance to join into progress.

But in New Center Left, we have taken off the ideological glasses, and look at what actually works. There is no developed country that has achieved prosperity through development aid. New Center Left therefore wants a shift from traditional development assistance to these initiatives:

  1. Financial assistance under the umbrella of self-help principle, including microloans for entrepreneurs. The projects must aim to establish local production in the developing countries with jobs and income for the population. Specifically, we want a massive implementation of the Chia seed project in Africa, at the expense of projects from the more costly part of the aid industry.

  2. Support for the formation of the rule of law, which makes countries attractive for foreign investment, opens up the potential for tourism and promotes fair tax recovery.

  3. Pollution control and clean-up.

  4. Favorable trade conditions for developing countries that take the two previous paragraphs seriously.

  5. Support the national takeover of the country's own natural resources or a reasonable taxation of foreign actors.

  6. Coordinated infrastructure investments.

  7. Population planning and disease control, including initiation of local medicine production.

  8. Distribution of free food, clothing and other goods should only take place in an emergency.

See how the President of Ghana bravely dares to address what is needed for the development of the African continent:


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